Vivian Therien

Haughty, not nice.


Vivian is one of Helia Therien’s cousins, although her parents are not as high up the Therien family tree, they are certainly members of the upper echelons and have Dargan Therien’s ear.

Vivian’s father saw much in the last Great House War, a conflict he was ill prepared for, as a result he ensured his first born daughter would be ready for conflict. Vivian is a duelist, one of the finest in House Therien which has brought her much respect, however it is her keen mind and keener memory which are her greatest feature. Vivian is a scholar by trade and has proven to be an excellent acoloyte for the Inquisition, her close proximity to her family has also allowed her to provide for her team by opening up access to her families great riches.

Unlike Helia, Vivian is not regarded by many as a rare beuty among the nobillity, to some she is quite plain, however this noblewoman is far from harsh on the eyes and she is far from out of shape. Helia bears a number of scars from her team’s foray into the underhive on the orders of Inquisitor Orton, it was upon her return from this journey her family granted her the Blade, The Redeemed to carry with her, such a weapon is known to scorch the skin of the impure by the touch.

Why her family was so keen to release such a relic is beyond many. Especially in the hands of a scribe, no matter how skilled at duels she may be.

Vivian Therien

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