Quiet and neutral, Nightmare seems to have little to no ambitions, or opinions when it comes to their units decisions. Inquisitor Orton picked them personally when they were destined to the firing post for disobeying orders in the Imperial Guard.

Nightmare hails from Vinhan, their service record indicates half a dozen helish warzones, one of which includes their homeworld, a place where reaching maturity is more like surviving several campaigns on the frontline rather than simply coming of age.

Nightmare rarely speaks, their voice has a tendency to rasp through their vox severly although Ingrid, who shares a bunk with them insists that is not Nightmare’s voice.

Nightmare is a weapons specialist and shows great skill with the hallowed Hellgun and a stark determination when facing horrific foes.

Undoubtedly this is because their homeworld was as bad, if not worse than whatever Nightmare has encountered since entering the inquisitions service.


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