Ingrid Dauntless

The Bolter Bitch


A member of the adepta sororitas, Ingrid is a staunch devotee of the Emperor. She is very skilled in battle and has seen action against the Tyranids in the Ambrose Sector, since then she has been picked for service by the Inquisition for largely unknown reasons. While her combat record is spotless, there is little to recommend her for the Inquisition over her battle sisters, the Order of the Bloodied Spire is known for its formidable warriors.

Perhaps it is her ability to lead which ingratiated her to the Inquisition, shortly after arriving on Astranum with her team she began missionary work among some of the lower hives, from there the armoured priestess of the Emperor began to calm many doubts and fears, as well as providing her acoloyte team with a degree of intel on the lower hives and their situation.

Ingrid is well skilled in swordplay as well, which has granted her access to a well crafted Power Sword from the Ecclesiarchy’s vaults, a gift normally reserved for a much higher ranking Battle Sister.

Ingrid Dauntless

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