Arch Magnar

An Earthquake in human form


A seasoned arbitrator from another sector, Arch is clearly of noble stock, yet a veritable mountain of a man, especially when clad in his Enforcer Carapace, which he is rarely, if ever seen without.

Arch often duels verbally with Sister Ingrid when it comes to who shall lead their unit of acoloytes, both are natural leaders and skilled fighters, but Magnar see’s his greater bloodline as a strong resume, his family are leaders and heroes while Ingrid’s forefathers died in the Emperors service.

Although, as an investigator Ingrid’s refusal to comment on what they were is curious.

Like all Arbitrators Magnar is quick to bring justice towards those who break the law, he is called Stoneheart with good reason, Justice affects all and he will bring it to them swiftly, without pause.

He certainly is, the law.

Arch Magnar

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