The Astranum Incident

Session 4: Parthius and Glory

Tanks for that Mordecai

Wasting no time at all in the wake of the horrors before them, our intrepid heroes immediately departed the sewers in search of some showers to clean the blood off of them.

They emerged from the sewers to find themselves the target of every PDF soldier and tank they had left behind in the previous session. However things calmed down quickly as the group assured the army staring at them that the Rogue Psyker had been dealt with.

Parthius, aka ‘Quintin’ attempted to capitalise on the groups new found fame, but his attempts were so uninspiring that his remarks were considered boring by the PDF troopers, who were most likely used to listening to self important officers ranting about glory.

Most of the group headed for the hospital, knowing that no small amount of cleaning facilities should be inside, even if the building was still in complete disarray.

Parthius, still haunted by his experiences inside that building, ran all the way back to the Slub to have a shower, and then ran back, only stopping to buy a fancy coat with nice buttons to impress the nobles at the House Therien party.

Meanwhile, Mordecai Freud convinced the commander of the local PDF forces to aid them in their quest, to reach House Therien and protect it from the despicable gangs which were undoubtedly closing in on the Nobles.

By the time everyone had returned from showering, or otherwise cleaning themselves up, the PDF had formed up into a proper convoy, multiple Leman Russ Battle Tanks and Chimera IFV’s and all the Guardsmen in the Company neatly lined up, ready to take the fight to the Gangers. Parthius capitalized on this moment of glory by leaping onto the lead Chimera and blasting inspiring music over the Vehicles sound system. The Effect was… Impressive.

As the group proudly approached the Therien Household, disaster struck, huge explosions rocked the enormous building from the inside and sounds of fighting filled the air. The entire company rushed forwards. While the Company proceeded to contain the situation outside the main building, the Acoloytes and a token group of guardsmen rushed to the main building to try and save as many people as they could.

They leaped out of their transport at the bottom of the steps and raced upstairs where they encountered a number of Crimson Aquilla gangers engaging some Therien Household Arbites. With the help of the Arbites and Parthius’s overly inspired guardsmen retinue (and more than one impressive shot fired by Mordecai) the gangers were dispatched and the group rushed onwards.

While this had been happening, some guy named Vincent, an assassin who managed to sneak inside the party in the hopes of killing his mark, picked himself up off the ground in the wake of the explosion, he watched as band of heavily armed people began to set up defenses in the grand ballroom, realising he needed his gun, Vincent ran for where he stashed it, in his enthusiasm he ran into a wall at some point, something which he will never tell another soul. Ever. However indent on the wall remains to this day for all to see.

After retrieving his weapon, he lured his mark outside, promising to protect the man from the horrifying men attacking the compound. He killed the man with a single shot from his rifle before heading for the buildings exit. Remarking to himself how easy it had been to kill that noble, from house Target.

It was this moment he found himself staring at a crowd, a crowd of slightly confused Guardsmen, Inquisitorial Acoloytes and House Arbites.

Within moments Vincent was tied up and strapped to ‘Shiv’’s back. Apparently things had not gone according to plan.

After fighting their way through another Hive Bruiser, the group managed to reach the ballroom, not only were a sizable portion of the Nobles, Dargan Theiren and his bodyguard Mountain still alive, but the group arrived just in time to see one unlucky Ganger’s skull caved in by none other than Inquisitor Orton Remarius.

Orton, pleased with his acoloytes arrival gave them their next task, investigate the Crimson Aquilla. Inquisitorial style. After which he departed to ‘investigate’ the Ardent, the Aquillas co-conspirators who turned on them during the raid.

After the Inquisitors departure, Dargan Therien called upon his remaining guests and the Acoloytes to join him in his private Study for Supper, the in shock nobles then began to carry on as if nothing had happened, treating the expansive study as a small ballroom.

Meanwhile, Scarlet ‘Rat’s eyes fell upon Dargans attractive daughter…



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