The scene is set

This story is set on the Imperial world of Astranum, which is located in the Korlanum sub sector of the Ultima Segmentum. Astranum, like many worlds in the region is overflowing with refugees fleeing Sub Sector Gammades in the wake of the unsuccessful ‘Crusade of Redemption’ where chaos forces were successful in corrupting the entire sector, in spite of intervention by both the honourable Ultramarines Chapter and the Upstart Tau Empire.

In response to this defeat a larger crusade has been launched by the Imperium to retake the sector, currently millions of Imperial Guardsmen have been deployed to Sub Sector Gammades from the nearby Sub Sector Aranium.
In the wake of these two crusades, billions of refugee’s have arrived on the worlds of the Korlanum sub sector, many of which wound up on Astranum as it’s sprawling hive cities were often the only places the refugee’s would fit, as cramped as the conditions now are in the lower hives.
Astranum is a slightly feudal hive world and is the major source of labour for the nearby forge world of Tisaan. Because of its close link to Tisaan, the factories and standard of technology on the planet are comparatively high compared to the rest of the Imperium and larger portion of people in the streets are part of the cult mechanicus rather than the Imperial cult than normal. Due to the treaty of mars this has made Astranum more of an accepting society to new ideals which has constantly worried the Inquisition to no end. Now with the huge influx of refugees the Inquisition is expanding its influence in the system. The amount of Arbites on the world has doubled twice within the past two years and still tensions are quite high.

The inquisitions main concern is the spreading of foreign ideals, it is unknown how many of the refugees are secretly agents of chaos, or were impacted by the Tau Empire’s brief rule of the Gammades sub sector. The Inquisition is all too aware of the Tau’s close proximity to the Korlanum sector, however what truly worries them is the high possibility of chaos cultists and possibly even worse being brought to the planet in the midst of the refugee flood.
The team have been sent to investigate any and all traces of corruption and heresy by Inquisitor Orton Remariusof the Ordo Hereticus, arriving alongside the Inquisitor himself and thousands of other acoloytes of all kinds aboard the Inquisitorial ship ‘Cleansed by Flame’.

Orton deploys your team to one of the larger hives on Astranum’s surface, Kadran. Kadran is a major Spaceport on Astranum’s surface, it is from here that the surrounding hives send off their tithe to the Imperium.
The underhive’s are infamous for being overun with out of control gang warfare, which has been rumoured to be sponsored by the noble houses on the surface, simply to keep the people in the lower hives at each other’s throats more than the nobility.
There is also a strong mechanicus presence in Kadran, legions of Mechanicus Skitarii have been seen delving into the enormous underhives on the order of the local High Magos. This strange behavour is not doing anything to settle the planet, overall, tensions could not get much higher.

The scene is set

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