The Astranum Incident

Session 3 Part Two - Wolfe's Bane

Suffer not the Witch

And you thought things were crazy from where we left off…

Honourable mentions to Wolfe von Arcarnus who managed to suffer a Psychic Phenomenon/ Perils of the Warp a whopping 7 times unintentionally. (And quite a few more times intentionally.)

Hundreds of people were left deafened for some time by the unearthly wail caused accidentally by Wolfe von Arcarnus, among which was himself, Wolfe immediately expected someone to come running into the morgue to investigate and decided that being the only one conscious there would be a bad sign, needing a scapegoat of some kind the deaf Psyker unsheathed one of his mono edged blades and began hacking and stabbing at one of the nearest corpses, intending to explain to the first person to cross the doors threshold that it had indeed been the corpse he was hacking away at.

Of course being deaf and focused on his current task, Wolfe failed to notice Mordecai Freud staring at him from the doorway. The feral assassin stood their dumbfounded as the group’s Psyker acted, very strangely. Mordecai had arrived to investigate the noises but found himself being handed more questions than answers upon his arrival.
Shrugging and no doubt thinking that Wolfe was insane, Mordecai left to inform the first person he came across as to the probable cause of the noise, an insane Psyker.
Wolfe had, by this stage come to his senses and saw the Assassin leave and quickly chased after him, casting a spell over his companion to make him forget what he had seen, at least until they were safely away.

Meanwhile, in a great show of willpower and courage, typical of the Emperors Staunch protectors of the law, Parthius, aka ‘Quintin’ bravely broke down and began sobbing when the Banshee Wail echoed throughout the premises as Ignatius Forsord stood over him, laughing as his Mechanicus enhanced hearing withstood the blow. The techpriest then decided to record such an event so he could look back on it on a later date and remember yet another reason why the flesh is weak.

Finally having regrouped after this strange turn of events, the team decided to enter the sewers in an attempt to track down men who not only attacked the convoy, but also sent the assassin to silence the preacher.
Saying one last goodbye to the hives well lit interior the party descended into darkness. The sewers were in terrible condition, rust, slime and detritus filled the tunnels and the stench bombarded Mordecai’s sensitive nose.

As the team continued to move in the darkness, Ignatius and his ever present bodyguard decided to hop over to the other gantry to put some distance between themselves and their fleshy companions, as Ignatius was the only member of the group to be carrying an effective light source in the pitch black cavern, the rest of the group was forced to carry on in darkness.
Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps it was fate that Scarlet ‘Rat’ grabbed Mordecai and told him to stop amidst the gloom. But the wily thief had somehow realised that they had almost run into a trip wire, Ignatius and Shiv also stopped in time to avoid the devious trap, largely aided by the light Ignatius had carried.

Mordecai deftly leaped over the wire and disarmed the device, despite the trap involving two fragmentation grenades, the kind of tripwire setup was one he was more than familiar with, having used it to trap animals, and sometimes men on his homeworld. The grenades were distributed evenly amongst the group (to anyone who was willing to hold an explosive device which had been left to kill them and their companions), before the group continued onwards.

As they rounded a corner, the group found themselves under fire from more members of the Ardent gang. Mordecai pretended to be wounded and reason with the men, but all attempts failed and the group was soon embroiled in a firefight.
When the dust settled, the group came away largely unscathed, with only the hulking Shiv taking anything bordering on a serious injury, the group also captured a prisoner of sorts, although the Ardent footsoldier was very tight lipped, revealing only that the Ardent was working with the Crimson Aquila to crash a party held by House Therien later that day, this snippet of information was exchanged for Mordecai not killing the prisoner, after mere violence had failed to intimidate the man.
Instead Mordecai injured the mans leg and rolled him into the depths of the sewer to drown, leading to a very… unpleasant demise.

As everyone began to divide their well earned loot, Wolfe decided to retrieve the swords he had flung at their enemies using the powers of the warp, much to his dismay the warp went against him once more, this time the malicious energies tormented and played with any and all machinery nearby, causing no small amount of trouble for Ignatius and messing with all manner of things inside Shiv.
It did not take much interference from the warp to convince Shiv’s IFF systems that Wolfe was the source of his problems, the hulking War Machine/ Man had no love for Psykers, especially one who had, for some time been openly working against his handler and friend. With a cloudy mind, Shiv launched himself at Wolfe, who barely managed to duck in time to avoid a powerful swing from Shiv’s ‘hammer’.
Wolfe, sensing danger reminiscent of the previous days run in with the enormous Crimson Aquila Brute with a chainsword called upon the warp once again and used its energies to fling one of his mono edged blades at Shiv, a technique which had served him well more than once during his time on Astranum.
The attack was nearly fatal for Wolfe’s hulking opponent, and Wolfe would have finished him then and there had Mordecai not intervened, with Shiv weakened and teetering on the edge of the gantry, Mordecai managed to keep the roughly 200KG killing machine from lashing out anymore at Wolfe and calming the situation. Wolfe begrudgingly healed Shiv once Ignatius had repaired him.
Mordecai then swiftly divided loot and sent the Ignatius, Shiv, Scarlet and Parthius off to investigate a possible Ardent cache.

The cache was nearby, behind a seemingly hollow piece of wall, Ignatius managed to pummel the wall somewhat with his staff, seeing that this section would crumble easilly he stepped back, looked at Shiv and indicated the wall.
‘Shiv, hammer.’ Ignatius said simply and the now repaired brute knocked the wall down with one strike.

Inside they found a small cache of discarded ammo and even a flamer, as well as a single melta canister which was unused, although the terrifying weapon it powered was nowhere to be seen.

On the way back to the surface, led by Scarlet, the only member of the group who had any clue of where they were, Wolfe once again attempted to harness the powers of the warp, this time something strange happened, he blinked out of existence for a few seconds. Only Ignatius witnessed this turn of events and his disdain for those who harnessed the warp led the techpriest to suggest the group hurry up. When Wolfe did rematerialise he immediately set off in search for his companions, not wanting to spend any more time in the foul sewers than he had to. When he was getting close to his companions he cast a spell to help him identify where they were, however the warp once again rose up against him and a freak lightning storm struck both Wolfe and his companions around the bend, with Parthius and Scarlet wounded (Scarlet more seriously injured than Parthius), the group immediately took cover, expecting a rogue Psyker to leap at them any moment.
Wolfe tried to explain his errors but as his companions muttered worriedly, he could tell from their voices that they were not about to take chances, the Imperium is after all, very wary towards those who can bend the immaterium to their will, especially because of how dangerous it is and the temptations of the warp and the unholy powers.

Mordecai immediately took charge, the group more or less agreeing that Wolfe had gone rogue, and therefore had to be put down. With a quick notification towards their allies, including the forces at the Inquisitorial base the group arrived at upon reaching the Kadran Hive and Dargan Theiren personal bodyguard Mountain.

The team braced itself for confronting the horrors they would undoubtedly face and rounded the corner. Strangely the rogue Psyker was fleeing rather than unleashing the warp on the group, but they took no notice as Wolfe tried desperately to flee.
The whole party unleashed a withering hail of fire on their former comrade, however in their quivering fear and Wolfe’s haste, many of these shots missed, but all this changed when Shiv, his hatred for the nobleman entrenched, raised the flamer they had liberated from the Aquila and unleashed a torrent of fire upon the Psyker.
Wolfe’s body caught flames and seeing his escape route thoroughly out of reach, the nobleman did the one thing he could do, he embraced the warp thoroughly. Wolfe opened himself to the warp in an attempt to escape; however fate was not smiling upon him, the psychic emanations from all the previous psychic disturbances caused a catastrophic chain reaction. The walls wept blood as a small tornado whipped itself into existence around the psyker and the voices of those long dead whispered to all that could hear them; swarms of ghostly figures swept throughout the sewers trying to pull the one who had summoned him into the realm of the dead. The voices daemons spoke to the acolytes whispering promises of power and their deepest desires, A massive amount of psychic power bled through the hole that was opened between the Immateriam and Realspace. However just as Wolfe was about to use this power to make his escape a daemon used the same hole to possess Wolfe as he was pulled, unprotected into the warp.

Now the team had dealt with a great threat to all of Astranum, but were left with the guilt that they had brought him here, on top of the horrors they had seen in that sewer, which would stay with them for the rest of their lives. And they found themselves down a member.

However, it only took Scarlet a moment to realise, she still had Wolfe’s very protective, and very expensive jacket. A small smile crept onto her lips as her companions stared on in horror to the place Wolfe had just been, meanwhile Shiv extinguished the pilot light of his flamer, the weapon had served its purpose well, witches and heretics had to be purged with flame.
Quietly in binary cant the hulking giant made a humorous remark, causing Ignatius to smirk.

‘The flesh is weak,’



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