The Astranum Incident

Session 3 Part One - Perils of Our Lives

Fear the Perils of the Warp

Oh boy, what a session….

The morning following our journey through the poor part of town began, slowly. Scarlet ‘Rat’ woke up early and managed to sneak her way into the Slub’s private stores, pilfering coffee and a number of other beverages enjoyed by the Middle Classes.
Meanwhile the rest of the party did not rise swiftly from bed, Mordecai Freud prepared himself mentally for his coming interrogation of the Crimson Aquila prisoner they had taken in the previous days firefight, Parthius, aka ‘Quintin’ rose slowly, leaving his room in a zombie like state and in desperate need of a coffee, Ignatius Forsord and ‘Shiv’ eventually made their way down for breakfast alongside the rest of the group.

Breakfast was a kind of slop, as it turns out, while their stay is paid for in the Slub, it turns out that the quality of the provided food was not 5 stars, they’ll have to pay some of their own money in the future if they want to be eating anything better.

It took some convincing, but the party managed to gain access to the barkeeps coffee stores (as well as a barrage of foul language when he discovered his missing coffee).

Once breakfast was done, it actually took some convincing to get Parthius to aid in the interrogation, the still bleary eyed enforcer took some time to realise that teaching scum why they shouldn’t mess with their betters is why he gets up in the morning. Once he had come to this realisation however, he was as dedicated as could be to helping with such a worthy cause.

The interrogation was short and brutal, Scarlet ‘Rat’, despite growing up in the underhives left the room early on, believing the whole thing to be too brutal for her tastes. The group also ensured that the door was locked to prevent Wolfe von Arcarnus from entering as the nobleman had professed that he would wait outside, until such time as the group failed in their interrogation, at which point he would make a ‘glorious entrance’ and help them complete the task at hand.

Unfortunately for the party, the poor Aquila ganger knew little, only knowing of one base operated by his organisation (creatively named ‘The Base’), it seems the Aquila takes some measures to prevent information leaks. However the group now knows of its location, hidden within the Hives great sewer networks… Oh boy.

Once they were done and the others had left the room, Ignatius began to ‘disassemble’ the unnecessary bodily parts of the prisoner, intending to sell them to a nearby fleshsmith whilst they were still fresh. Shiv aided him diligently in this matter, the others were forced to drown out the screams as the two worked.

After their interrogation, the team set off to the shop next door, intent on buying more equipment so that they could stage a raid on the Aquila’s base. As they stepped out of the Slub however, they were confronted with a sea of angry Hivers, the Party overheard whispers of an attack in the Emperors Square of Holy Justice, and that the entire district had been cordoned off by the PDF, with whispers that members of the elite Tempestus Scions had been sighted aiding the PDF.

Once inside the shop, the team discovered a very poor selection of goods, the elderly shop keeper seems to have decided to keep his good stock out the back, much to Rat’s dismay. However there may be more to this old man than meets the eye, as he not only accepted the parties pilfered weapons from the previous day’s fighting, but also sold Mordecai Freud a rare Mesh Combat Cloak.

Now that they had heard of the attack, the Party walked swiftly towards the Emperors Square of Holy Justice, their previous quarry forgotten.

The Square was well and truly cordoned off, with over two hundred armed PDF soldiers milling around the square, the local authorities in true Imperial Fashion had sent so many troops to secure the square that many of them had nothing to do whilst their companions maned the cordons and used pict feed cameras to record evidence.

An Arbites convoy had been hit, several Taurox Vehicles had been destroyed in the fire fight, as well as dozens of armed Arbite guards, the whole scene was locked down tight, with Scion snipers overlooking the square.

To help them get inside, Wolfe donated his Inquisitorial Jacket to Rat, making her look a lot more official and a lot less thief like…

The entire group began to help investigate, grabbing details off of all who could tell them.

Ignatius however ignored the concerns of ‘weak’ and ‘fleshy’ beings and immediately went to lament the poor fortune of the Taurox vehicles, he was soon joined by another Acoloyte of the Machine God who had accompanied the PDF forces. Meanwhile Parthius investigated the scene, emboldened by how he had been called ‘sir’ and regarded as an important official moments before.
He came to one conclusion, and one conclusion only. There standing in the middle of a Taurox which had a whole blown straight through it by a melta weapon, Parthius had an epthany, he declared that ‘there had been, a FIREFIGHT’.
His words of wisdom were largely lost, to the detriment of the entire investigation, if only the foolish men of the PDF could have comprehended this snippet of wisdom.

Mordecai decided to go up to the nearby rooftops and try to speak with the Scions stationed on the rooftops, the journey was long as he had quite a distance to climb, of course a primitive man such as himself is in peak physical conditioning and he quickly made his way to the top, at which point he found it, empty. A little piece of him died that day, not being able to talk to some of the Imperium’s Premier snipers.

Meanwhile, Wolfe and Rat heard a commotion on the far side of the square, Ignatius also heard it, but upon realising that the commotion was a man shouting prayers to the Emperor, he destroyed all of his mental recordings of it and went back to lamenting the poor machine spirit of the downed Taurox with his new friend, with which he exchanged Vox communicators (and then established a Cabal with him, Shiv and his compatriot within the Scions compound they had arrived at on Kadran).
Wolfe and Rat spoke with the deranged preacher, who clearly had no idea how not to shout when he opened his mouth. The man was burly for a preacher and adorned with scars, it seemed he had likely spent some time in the Imperial Guard before taking up the mantle of a holy man.
A number of PDF troopers were trying to get him to move along for some time and gladly allowed Wolfe to intervene. Wolfe soon got some information from the brawny preacher, who claimed it had been an attack by those most foul. Right now this seemed to indicate another gang the Aquila Prisoner had mentioned, the Ardent.

By the time Mordecai had overcome his feelings of depression, he decided to take on the missing snipers jobs, as well as copious amounts of grapel wire. He set his sights over the square, just as Wolfe began to sense something odd within the warp, missing guards and a total lack of snipers watching over them (save for Mordecai). The PDF soldiers responded to his call to arms by taking up defensive positions along the main barricades, unfortunately leaving the alleys unsecured just as a man crept from the shadows towards the preacher.

Just as the shadowy, robe clad figure charged at the Preacher, Mordecai spotted him and fired two shots in quick succession, one missed (and at such a long distance it was no wonder), however the second shot stuck the man in the chest, wounding him terribly as he crashed into the former soldier. In an attempt to kill his target, the assassin raised a mono edged sword and brought it down upon the preachers head, however the Gnarly man took it in stride and barely flinched as the blade bounced off his skull, raising an old lasgun, covered in holy sigils as a club to strike back at his foe, unfortunately he missed.
It was at this stage that Wolfe joined the fray, calling upon the powers of the warp, he prepared to throw one of his own mono edged blades at the shadowy figure, however the warp proved too unstable and when he went to make his blade levitate and fly at his opponent he found himself speeding through the air. He collided with the assasin with a crunch and the man exploded in a shower of blood and gore. Once again, Wolfe was covered in blood from head to toe.

A sack of Throne Gelt, covered in blood landed between Scarlet ‘Rat’ and Wolfe, the two glared at each other before leaping at the pouch, Scarlet barely making it in time and stashing it within the pockets of the jacket she had borrowed. For the first time, Wolfe lamented giving her the jacket and tried to call upon the warp to help him at least get the money, but it was not to be.

The rest of the group joined the scowling Wolfe and grinning Scarlet shortly afterwards, it was soon agreed that they would go inside the nearby hospital, so that Wolfe could clean himself up and Ignatius to sell his acquired human parts.
Ignatius’s transaction went well, the Fleshsmith, the districts premier cosmetic surgeon was a little unhinged but proved to be a more than willing buyer and agreed to buy more off of Ignatius as soon as possible.
Wolfe cleaned himself up without much of an issue, despite giving the receptionist a heart attack when he asked where the showers were. Strangely enough he found his return trip taking him through the morgue (which he had somehow missed on the way in). A few of the dead arbiters had been brought inside and he decided it was best to see if anything within the warp had been brought to bear against them in the firefight which had cost them their lives, however something in the warp seemed to have been waiting for Wolfe to access the immaterium and an unearthly, wailing and screeching howl filled the air, everything made a glass inside the hospital shatered in an instant as the noise raged on. Many people went deaf, if only for a short while and the mental ward was filled with people shouting that ‘the voices are real, you heard it! THE VOICES ARE REAL’. It is unclear how many people died as a result of this, but it was later estimated to be in the hundreds, something which Inquisitorial Records are very quick to point out was only the beginning of the terror unleashed by Wolfe that day.



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