The Astranum Incident

2nd Session


So, where we left off:

We were in an alley way where we were attacked by ‘Space Badger’ and his crew of 6 Hive Gangers spread out throughout the alleyway.

The fight was relatively quick, Wolfe von Arcarnus casted a number of psyker powers, among which he summoned a horde of two rats and stopped everyones guns from working before spending some time trying to cut apart a single ganger with his swords.

Mordecai Freud was free’d up from his standoff with a ganger by the arrival of Scarlet ‘Rat’ who managed to knock Mordecai’s opponent uncosncious with a mighty blow to the back of the head. Without bothering to ask why some random hiver helped him out, Mordecai proceeded to try and stap another ganger in the back. This failed so badly he ran straight past him without stopping, the following turn however, Mordecai rectified this by incinerating the mans Right leg.

Parthius, aka ‘Quintin’ shot a ganger who was hiding around a corner with a shotgun blast, the badly wounded ganger shot back but Parthius managed to dodge it like Neo From the Matrix before the guy was finally ended by Scarlet’s Autpistol. Parthius then spent the rest of the fight trying help Wolfe in his flailing brawl with a hive ganger.

Ignatius Forsord detected Wolfe’s Psyker powers affecting his weapon and merely waited for the fould presence to leave his beloved machine, taking aim all the while at a ganger who was charged by ‘Shiv’. In the end however Ignatius proved his worth when he waded into the brawl Shiv was involved in and crushed a mans skull in with his walking stick (albeit he was heavily wounded from Shiv’s Hammer)

Afterwards the group had a tiny bit of downtime, enough for Scarlet to loot 42 Throne Gelt from a dead ganger. As they rested they heard an engine reving in the distance, the group prepared for another confrontation. Their new opponent, a titanic man encased in metal plates sewn into his flesh crashed through a nearby wall. While he caused little damage at first, and fell into a state of Deja Vu from Wolfe’s powers, the titanic man charged Wolfe and in a single hit from his mighty Chainsword, nearly killed Wolfe with a single blow. Wolfe fortunately survived long enough to finish him with his Psyker powered swords, severing the titans head from his neck. The man crashed to the floor on top of Wolfe who was covered in blood from his dead opponent.

Mordecai almost caught the man’s head but decided against it.

Afterwards, loot was distributed, however the chainswords ownership was disputed by Wolfe and Ignatius, the later of which deemed the weapons machien spirit to be tainted by the clearly heretical giant who had metal plates sewn into his skin in a mockery of Mechanicus servitors.
Ignatius also examined their opponents body to record the instances of tech heresy present.

Eventually the group moved on, meeting up with Dargan Theiren who made whimsical promises of support and handed the group a vox channel with which to communicate with his house guard.
Mordecai made friends with Dargan’s enormous bodyguard called mountain. The two now have each others contact details as well as trading a set of gang leathers belonging to the Aquila for a set of las charge packs.

The group were shown to their rooms, Wolfe washed off the drying gore on his body and Mordecai threw their lone prisoner onto the floor of his room, the man complaining of a serious headache.

Welcome to Astranum!



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