The Astranum Incident

1st Session

10th of March

Our Party has arrived on Astranum in the company of Inquisitor Orton Remarius. Our task is to scour the Hive city of Kadran for any signs of growing heresy. So far we have not even begun our investigation. Having not reached our base of operations, an inn called ‘The Slub’.

However we have managed multiple feats over the course of our journey.

Mordecai managed to fire the perfect shot on the target range, as well as combined with the efforts of Wolfe, earned the group the admiration of the Storm Trooper Squad codenamed ‘Scorpion Squad’.

Wolfe also felt incredibly generous, buying monoblade attachments for his and Mordecai’s blades. He also bought a commissar jacket stlyed in a fashion of an inquisitorial biker jacket.

Parthius bought a helmet.

And in general everyone used their meagre wealth to buy more bullets, which will surely come in handy.

Wolfe and Ignatius have developed a disliking for one another, Shiv nearly squashed Wolfe before landing and Wolfe repaid this all by casting psyker powers whenever he wanted for the most trivial of things.

As a result of our bickering (or at least partially because of it) Orton has left the group to bicker their way across Kadran.

Some members of the seedier district of Financian district Therien now see Wolfe as a pseudo Jesus/Emperor because of his mystical healing abilities, while Ignatius has inspired some mass hysteria in the same district by giving people the now infamous ‘finger of death’

At the end of our little adventure we were greeted in an alley by a man who looks nearly identical to Badger from Firefly… with Mutton Chops and a group of six thugs. Badger walked off and left his boys to deal with you. So next time, be prepared for more violence than this session combined.
Have fun.


Helmet’s and shells are the tools of the emperor’s finest. They are detergent’s and bleach, used to cleanse the scum from the imperium!

1st Session

A very valid point Parthias. Let us hope these tools work well in your quest.

1st Session

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